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STANDARD PROCESS – MEDI-HERB    Wholefood Supplements

Can Nutritional Supplements CAUSE Nutritional Deficiencies?!? (yes!)

Confused by so many choices of vitamins, minerals, powders & herbs found in health food stores, pharmacies and grocery stores? What to take, how much, how often, synthetic vs. natural, RDA vs. higher dose, cheap vs. expensive, etc.

The following is a brief discussion that will hopefully help clarify this very confusing topic and assist you in making the right decisions.

FOOD is our best medicine, but very often we need strong medicine. The typical alternative or complementary treatment loads the patient down with synthetic vitamins in the form of pills and powders. Synthetic vitamins are fractioned forms of the vitamin complexes that occur naturally in foods. Because they are concentrated and simplified the body cannot use them as well as the more complex, naturally occurring versions. Larger amounts of synthetic vitamins are needed to obtain the desired effects, and in large amounts they can CAUSE many biochemical imbalances and drug-like effects. In other words, by taking non-wholefood (synthetic) supplements you may be causing a nutritional deficiency rather than correcting deficiencies — not to mention wasting your money. Several recent studies have shown that taking synthetic vitamins can actually be harmful, thus challenging a practice suggested in virtually all the books written about health and nutrition over the past 40 years.

Scientific research has demonstrated that an excess of an isolated vitamin or mineral can produce the same symptoms as a deficiency of that vitamin/mineral. For example, high doses of isolated B vitamins can cause depletion of other B vitamins. Another example is zinc which, in excess, causes symptoms of zinc and manganese deficiency. Supplemental vitamin C is taken by many people, either all the time or just when they feel ill. These people are often surprised to learn that, not only are they not doing themselves any good, they may actually be causing harm by taking the popular form (ascorbic acid) of vitamin C!

Ascorbic acid, often erroneously called vitamin C is a potent preservative found in small amounts in plants and in some animal tissues. It is an essential nutrient for humans, as we are unable to synthesize vitamin C on our own. Ascorbic acid is always found in nature as an organic mixture, which includes such things as magnesium, manganese, bioflavonoids, rutin and many other organic compounds. In order to be effective in us it must have all these other cofactors present, not just the ascorbic acid. Most Vitamin C products, with few exceptions, strip the ascorbic acid part of the complex and then given in enormous quantities, far more than is ever found in natural food, and far more than our bodies can safely use. Not only can we not use these huge quantities of ascorbic acid, but our bodies also are forced to call on its own reserves to join with this ascorbic acid. This draws upon and eventually depletes our bodies of these other vital nutrients that make up the vitamin C complex. One exception is when ascorbic acid is used in small amounts as a preservative—found towards the end of ingredient list.

STANDARD PROCESS is one of only very few companies that doesn’t make this mistake. When Standard Process puts vitamin C in their products, it is always the whole plant or animal extract dehydrated at low heat to preserve the integrity of the complex. Starting with vitamin C-rich sources such as rose hips, acerola berries, buckwheat shoots and animal adrenal glands, each tablet will contain only about 2-10mg of ascorbic acid, which by federal decree is labeled as the vitamin C content. In fact, one cannot get more that about 15 mg of vitamin C into a normal-sized tablet. All the pills with more than this are nothing more than chemical ascorbic acid which is a chemical preservative that we have no business ingesting in such huge amounts.

The same argument holds for all the other vitamins and all the other Standard Process products. This company is the only one I know of that grows much of its own source material on its organic farm in Wisconsin, processes the whole mineral, plant and animal extract at low heat and puts them into appropriate supplement form.

MEDI-HERB is an Australian company founded by Kerry Bone and distributed in the US by Standard Process. It is the most reliable producer of high quality herbal extracts I know of.   Herbal medicines are more commonly available in health food stores and even pharmacies. The difference between Mediherb and all other herbal products lies in two particular areas. First, Mediherb guarantees that the material in your bottle is not only from the herb it says it is from but contains at minimum the amount of active ingredients listed on the bottle. They are the only herbal company that guarantees that they use the whole herb or herb part and provide a known quantity of active ingredient. No other company combines this commitment to both wholeness and attention to active ingredients.

Second, Medi-herb provides extracts, unlike most other herbal companies which use tinctures. Extracts are at least five times more concentrated than tinctures and are much more in line with the doses used both by traditional herbalists and in modern pharmacological studies. Often people who say they had no results using other herbs find that getting the right quality and quantity of the proper herb makes all the difference.

For more research and discussion about the difference between high quality, whole food supplements vs “natural” high dose and/or synthetic supplements:

The Fourfold Path to Healing by Thomas Cowan, MD

Why Your Doctor Offers Nutritional Supplements by Stephanie Selene Anderson (booklet sold in our shop)

Yes it is an ongoing challenge to keep up with supplement companies. Here’s a few, very common ingredients you should AVOID: Calcium Carbonate (chalk, TUMS!), Ascorbic Acid (it’s NOT Vitamin C), Vitamin D should always be in the form of D3-cholecalciferol, Betacarotene (high dose), Synthetic B vitamins (clue of synthetic B’s: your urine turns bright yellow!)


IODINE (liquid & tablets)

Iodine supplementation is quite controversial nowadays. When done “right” the results can be very profound. Iodine fulfillment means the entire body has adequate stores of iodine to function properly. Although iodine can be found in every organ and tissue in the body, some areas utilize more iodine than others. It is not only the thyroid gland that uses iodine but also the heart, breasts, ovaries, muscles, liver, and adrenal glands. We’re also discovering that while it may take smaller doses to fulfill the thyroid’s needs it often takes much larger doses to fulfill the rest of the body’s needs, including the needs of the heart. Very often these body parts are iodine sensitive—that is, if they are starving for iodine, they do not function properly. Since there are so many iodine-sensitive sites in the body, medical experts are finding that iodine therapy can be a “panacea” for all sorts of stubborn problems. Just as physicians noted 60 to 100 years ago, iodine therapy can help people with hypo-or hyperthyroid (with or without goiter), constipation, obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. In addition, it may prove to be an essential treatment if you suffer from heart disease, arrhythmias, and atrial fibrillation.

For Women, in particular, Iodine Therapy can be “A Fountain of Youth!” Chronic cystic breasts resolve. Thyroid function is improved. Skin tone is improved. Years seem to roll back after Iodine levels are “fulfilled.” The mind functions better and that “brain fog” is often lifted. Ovary syndromes are often permanently resolved. And the need for life-long thyroid medication is often diminished or eliminated altogether.

Iodine also has many ANTI-CANCER properties. Breast cancer in particular has shown amazing positive results, as well as many other types of cancer. When your body has adequate stores of iodine your chances of developing cancer (as well as numerous other “diseases” is much less.

David Brownstein, M.D. states on the cover of one of his books: Iodine is the most misunderstood nutrient. After 12 years of practicing medicine, I can say that it is impossible to achieve your optimal health if you do not have adequate iodine levels. I have yet to see any item that is more important to promoting health or optimizing the function of the immune system than Iodine.

Sources: Iodine-Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It by David Brownstein, MD (book sold at shop)

Iodine: Bring Back the Universal Nutrient Medicine by Mark Sircus, Ac, OMD



Our highly trained staff will always do our best at assisting you in making wise decisions. But none of us will ever cross the line of “diagnosing or prescribing.”

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