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Overcome DISEASE with DIET  

Learn the TRUTH vs the FAD

 Know someone who has spent many years pursuing a “healthy diet and lifestyle” and then gets diagnosed with cancer or some other serious condition?? WHY you ask? They did everything right! Or did they?? Did they follow the FAD? — the 50 year lie?!? Or maybe “genetics?” not likely as most diseases are more related to diet/lifestyle.


Low-Fat * Low Cholesterol * lean lean lean, Vegetable oils like canola/soy/corn/cottonseed, high fiber, low salt, lots of grains, vegan-vegetarian, soy protein bars/smoothies, sport drinks, ultra-pasteurized, homogenized, egg whites/beaters, excessive sweet fruits and starchy vegetables, GMO, sugar free! (splenda/nutrasweet poisons), vaccines, medications (statins, anti-depressants…) synthetic, hi dose supplements, aerobics, aerobics…


REAL food-unprocessed & un-adulterated, liberal FATS, especially saturated fats, whole eggs, butter, cream, coconut oil, grass-fed Meat, wild/clean Fish-Seafood, SALT-unrefined, authentic & delicious, True whole food supplements & superfoods, Freedom of Choice vs Big Pharma scare tactics (vaccines/medications/chemo, etc), The SUN is good for you-not sunscreen, Truth in labeling (non-GMO/organic), Moderate exercise/activity, Purpose Driven Life

For anyone who has not seen the movie “FAT HEAD” it is a comedy-documentary by Tom Naughton (comedian and former health writer). The documentary explains how the popular “LOW-FAT, LOW CHOLESTEROL diet recommendation is unhealthy and saturated fat does not cause heart disease but instead sugars, grains, starches and processed vegetable oils do. This is one of his short clips titled “Saturated fat and Cholesterol Lies”. The DVD is for sale in A Healthy Horizon’s book store.